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Silver Fox Records is a small boutique record company focused on providing emerging singer-songwriters and bands with all the tools they need to turn their dreams into long and fulfilling careers.

CEO James D Ingram has over thirty years' experience in the music industry, planning international tours, arranging marketing campaigns, and mentoring emerging talent. As an artist himself, he understands the complexities of the modern music world as well as anyone. 


The whole team at Silver Fox is dedicated to fair and ethical business practices that guarantee the artist receives their fair share. Silver Fox believes that the quality of the music should always come first and foremost, regardless of the age or background of the performer. Their roster currently includes upcoming London based singer-songwriter The Swamp Doctor as well as James D Ingram himself, and the label is looking forward to adding additional acts in the near future.  


Everyone at Silver Fox Records is passionate about their work connecting artists and fans, and they are always on the lookout for exciting new talent.



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Michael Eastwood at Mastermind 

Office: +44 20 7692 8785

Direct: +44 7774 514 581

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